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The Story Behind Milky Oatmeal Eczema Bar

When we were creating Milky Oatmeal Eczema Soap, we had a specific goal in mind. To create a product that satisfy individuals’ skin cravings using ingredients that are natural and irritation free that could simply moisturize, cause no harm to the skin and relieve skin condition like eczema and psoriasis. During the development stage, we tested this product out with family members that have eczema and were happy to find that it helped relieve skin irritation. We use simple basic but beneficial ingredients. Here are some of the natural ingredients we include in our newest product that are safe for your skin:

As we were searching for the perfect formula ingredients, oats were one thing we just could not let go of. Oats are one of the most well-researched. It has tremendous skin-calming properties and works to correct itchy and inflamed skin. Oats it’s a natural oil coat moisturizer that includes polysaccharides which help your skin retain its natural moister and forms an occlusive layer on your skin surface that help retain water in your skin. It’s a great soothing and calming ingredient that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can also neutralize the pH of dry skin.

Honey was another ingredient we couldn’t help but add to the formula. This ingredient is recognized as being in emollient that has been used for centuries as a way to smooth and soften skin while reducing patches of rough flaky skin. Its hydration and properties are extremely moisturizing and locks hydration into the skin. The moister helps to give your skin a boost of elasticity and give a natural glow and overall healthy-looking skin.

The final major ingredient, Goat Milk Soap, is a gentle cleanser, rich in fatty acids that can helps support a healthy skin barrier to keep the skin nourish and moisturized. It’s high in lactic acid that will help exfoliate the skin which can benefit people with breakouts. Goat milk contains Vitamin A which is a powerful nutrient to repair damaged skin tissue and maintain healthy skin.

The next time your skin is feeling irritated and needs help healing. Trust our Milky Oatmeal Eczema Soap for some simple but mighty hydration and relief. Try it out and DM us your pics! We’d love to see your skin before and after pics and skin improvement.

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