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The Duchess

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Just touched down in Orlando ready to celebrate the Heiress’s birthday. The minute I stepped into the car I was overwhelmed by this strong delightful aroma of coffee. I immediately inquired what is that smell, and the Heiress just smiled.

Let’s just say the next morning would forever change the course of my relationship with coffee, I officially became a coffee snob.

Awakened by that same aroma from the day before “The Mad Scientist” our other name for the Heiress managed to stir up the most delicious cup of coffee with limited supplies and equipment.

From that moment on I wanted to help my friend, one of the only African American female roasters bring her product, vision and brand to life; I am now known as the Duchess, the Creative Director/Partner for Sage Marie’s Coffee & Tea.

I’m a creative spirit, a dedicated artist, with an enthusiastic approach to life. I wake up and fall asleep with my laptop, I spend hours researching trends, finding inspiration, creating mood boards and filtering through thousands of color swatches. I love making things visually appealing. I appreciate the creative process and art behind everything. I combine these passions with my love of traveling, culture, art and music to help with my creative sensibilities on every project I take on.

Which leads to my trip to Cape Verde, where I discovered the most exquisite beans grown from Fogo’s volcanic island, now known as Sage’s Fumada Blend. I had no idea what I as about to get into after a long drive and climbing through the mountains of Cape Verde to reach a coffee plant trying to secure these precious beans only to be greeted by armed guards. After several attempts, 2 years later I managed to get a personal escort from the Mayor of Mosterio to the plant and let’s just say the rest is history.

I truly know what it takes to be a business owner and the sacrifices, dedication and passion it takes to successfully run your own business. It hasn't been a job for me; it's been my life along with my partner and founder Mattie Finch "The Heiress."  As we get ready to close out the year, I’m very excited to continue creating and building  with our talented team on new products, campaigns and events we have lined up.  Thank you to all that have supported us over the years, have your mugs and teacups ready we are stirring up and pouring out nothing but yumminess.  #TasteIsEverything

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